Who We Are

Old World Wellness

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Old World Wellness LLC,  is a disabled veteran owned company that was founded on the passion for giving people a better quality of life, as well as a better overall general wellness. We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy regardless of their position in life and that nature is exceptional at producing what our bodies need.  With the Hempy Longstocking Brand, we are committed to bringing affordable high quality products to those who need it most. 

Are you on Medicare, a veteran or on long-term disability? We have exclusive 20% off discount codes just for you that ensure that you can afford natures medicine. Contact us directly and our team can work with you on special pricing . 

  Our hemp is grown outdoors in natural sunlight, planted in nitrate rich and pesticide, heavy metal, and toxin free Kentucky soil. Studies show these growing practices show a lower carbon footprint than hemp grown indoors under artificial light which enables us to be good stewards of our earth and its resources.