Who We Are


Old World Wellness LLC, is a disabled veteran owned company that was founded in 2018 on the passion for giving people a better quality of life, as well as a better overall general wellness. We saw firsthand the power of CBD and hemp in our own home and the healing it can bring to both the young and the old. It’s almost miraculous how much it increased the quality of life of our household and those around us whom we shared it with. We are both users and true believers in our own products. 

We feel that everyone deserves to be healthy regardless of their position in life and that creation is exceptional at producing what our bodies need for every part of our well-being. With the Hempy Longstocking Brand, we are committed to bringing affordable high-quality and trustworthy hemp-based flower, beauty and CBD products to those who need it most at a price that doesn't require a trip to the loan department to finance it. 

Our hemp is carefully and thoughtfully sourced from farms who have the same passion we do for wellness. We hand select the perfect strains we believe will benefit our customers most. We like to ensure these strains are organically grown in converted tobacco fields and animal pastures with sustainable practices from the top genetics available. We require that these seeds be planted in nitrate rich and toxin free Zone 5-7 soil in Kentucky and Tennessee.

By purchasing our products you support not only our small business and the small businesses we work with as wholesalers, but also small Tennessee farms and community Dutch Amish hemp farmers who take such pride in their work that they hand trim flower in the field and never let the flowers be touched by machines. The hemp flower is then hang dried and cured to perfection. Our hemp flower has CBD percentages into the 30% range which is unheard of in the industry today.  

Studies show outdoor sustainable growing practices show a lower carbon footprint than hemp grown indoors under artificial light which enables us to give back to the earth what is taken from it while still producing a high quality wellness product. 

Our Hours

Mon - Thursday - 9am - 5pm

Friday - 9am- 4pm

Saturday - Sunday - Closed

All Holidays - Closed

As a small side business our working and customer support hours are limited but we work hard to meet our many customers demands.  We ship Mon- Friday and try to get orders out before 2pm EST, and we usually ship orders on Saturday but reserve the right to get them out on Monday should the need arise.