Edibles Best Practices

Begin with Caution: Petite Portions and Modest Measures

A prevalent pitfall when delving into the world of cannabis edibles is an accelerated pace. Since edibles often come in the form of tantalizing treats, the appealing taste coupled with the enticing effects of cannabis may entice you to indulge more than your body can comfortably handle. Remember, edibles take time to reveal their impact due to how your liver processes the 11 Hydroxy.

To steer clear of inadvertently stepping beyond your comfort level, proceed with patience. Seek out edibles that offer a smaller dosage per serving such as our Hempy Longstocking Delta 8 Dosers, Delta 9 Blends and Delta 9 Max gummies, Initially, experiment with just half a gummy or a quarter of a cannabis-infused cookie or brownie. Let your body acclimate to the new experience before reaching for more.

Never Embark on the Edibles Journey on an Empty Stomach

If you’re aiming to temper the cannabis edible experience, pair it with a substantial meal. Consuming a full meal prior to partaking in an edible can reduce the intensity and prolong the onset of effects. This is because you’re also giving your digestive system other substances to process concurrently, thus slowing down the metabolism of the cannabis. Overloading on carbs before taking an edible can have an opposite effect and make your experience more intense so be careful of this.

Don't Feel Anything Yet? Allow 30-45 Minutes to Pass Before Consuming More

Bear in mind that the onset of effects from cannabis edibles can range from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on factors like your metabolic rate and the presence of food in your stomach. Furthermore, the effects can persist for as long as six hours, making a slow and steady approach vital. Resist the urge to consume more within the initial 15 minutes if you’re not feeling the effects yet. Wait for at least half an hour before deciding to consume more. Unlike smoking Cannabis, edibles are a commitment and can steal the day away from you if you consume too much at once.

Create a Tranquil Environment and Stay Home

Ensure you have a serene setting to unwind in. Reserve an entire day for exploring this new edible experience, with no prior commitments. Set a soothing ambiance by playing mellow music like a little Pink Floyd 😉 , eliminating potential stressors as you navigate the possible six-hour journey. Being relaxed is vital, particularly if you’re apprehensive about any adverse reaction.

Experiment with Different Types of Edibles

Responses to varying blends of cannabinoids differ among individuals. Different terpenes may induce varying effects, making you feel anxious or relaxed, hungry or drowsy. If your first encounter with cannabis edibles wasn’t satisfactory, it could be due to an unfavorable strain or recipe. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different varieties. Try swapping between Cannabinoids, altering the ratio, or even experimenting with different terpene profiles.

Coming Down from An Intense High!

  • Eat
  • Exercise and Shower
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Rest
  • Unwind with Music

In the event you’ve unintentionally consumed a stronger dose of cannabis edibles than intended and are now grappling with its overpowering effects, here’s a game plan: satiate your hunger and hydrate generously. Physical activity, followed by a refreshing shower, can expedite the processing of cannabis. Finally, try to relax and then sleep off the excess. Overconsumption of cannabis edibles isn’t dangerous, but it can induce discomfort and unease.

Satiate Yourself
Consuming food after the onset of edible effects can help mitigate the intensity. Succumb to your cravings and opt for substantial foods like pasta or fries. This gives your stomach an alternate substance to digest apart from the cannabis. If nausea strikes, as it sometimes can, consider a soothing fruit smoothie or a warm bowl of soup.

Stay Hydrated: Aid Your Body’s Metabolism
Cannabis metabolizes in your body with the help of water. Adequate hydration can hasten the processing and elimination of the edible from your system. If water isn’t appealing, consider alternatives like fruit juice, sports drinks, soups, or refreshing smoothies.

Exercise and Shower: Boost Your Metabolic Rate
Feeling jittery post-edible? Hydrate copiously, get some exercise, and follow it up with a shower. Physical activity encourages perspiration, aiding in the excretion of cannabis and hastening your recovery process.

Create a Comforting Ambiance with Soothing Music
Experiencing discomfort after consuming a cannabis edible? Craft a calming environment: dim the lights, lay back comfortably, and tune into some relaxing music.

Rest Well
Lastly, an overwhelming cannabis experience can almost always be countered by sleep. If the effects of the edibles are too potent, tuck yourself into bed. Even a light nap or some relaxed daydreaming could offer more comfort than attempting to confront a stressful day.
Can’t fall asleep? Engage in a familiar, low-stress activity like watching a favorite movie or cuddling with a pet or partner. Stay cozy on the couch with a hydrating drink within reach, and give it time for the effects to wear off.”

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